Importance of task lighting for low vision

Did you know that only 12.5% of light from an average room ceiling light falls on your desk’s working area?  That is why task lighting is crucial to preventing eye strain.

Lighting for low vision

Task Lighting for Low Vision

1) Consider the benefits of simulated daylight versus artificial light in task lighting for low vision:

  • Traditional artificial light: The most commonly used bulbs are filament light bulbs. These are usually balloon-shaped with wires inside. The brightness of these bulbs depends on the number of watts they have. The higher the number of watts, the brighter the bulb will be. This type of widely used light has a yellow tinge which can distort contrast and colors and produce glare. This light source is not recommended for partially sighted people.
  • Simulated daylight light: This recreated clean crisp light provides relaxing and healthy lighting conditions for your eyes. It increases contrast and clarity and reduces glare. This type of light delivers all the high-quality lighting options needed by partially sighted people

Lighting for Low Vision Stella Sky

2) Lamp Positioning

  • By using an adjustable lamp and positioning the lamp to the side you can minimize glare.
  • It can be helpful to have two adjustable lamps on either side of the task to increase light intensity and minimize shadows.
Stella Task Adjustable Neck Light for Low Vision

Stella TWO LED Task Lamp features a rotating, flexible arm

The Stella TWO LED Task Lamp offers extremely even lighting with minimal glare. The user controls and customizes the experience including the light intensity, direction and color spectrum as well as the lamp positioning, with a flex arm that rotates in every direction.  We believe this product is the ideal solution for individuals with low vision and all those needing task lighting for reading, crafting, knitting, creating, and more.

With Stella, the possibilities are endless.  My daughter even uses her Stella light for the baby’s changing table, making diaper changes a breeze!

Stella Sky 1 Stella Sky 2


Right now, AdaptiVision is offering a sale on the Stella TWO LED Task lamp, Stella EDGE and StellaSKY TWO LED Floor Lamp.  Check out our product pages for more details.

If you already own this lamp or plan on purchasing one, drop us a comment to tell us how you use your Stella!  And if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll happily assist.

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