Low Vision Magnifiers

When it comes to maintaining independence, low vision magnifiers are indispensable.  Magnifiers range from low-tech to high-tech, from optical or handheld magnifiers to electronic video magnifiers.

These devices can help you with daily tasks such as cooking and preparing food, handling correspondence, managing medications, and personal grooming.  Magnifiers can also enhance your quality of life by helping you keep up your hobbies. With the help of magnification, many people find they are able to resume activities they once enjoyed, be it reading, doing crossword puzzles, or viewing family photographs.

AdaptiVision offers a curated selection of high-quality low vision magnifiers by trusted manufacturers at a range of price points.  Check out our video to learn how one such video magnifier can help you live better with low vision.  And, visit our blog for a deep-dive on low vision magnifiers and their many uses and benefits.