Lighting Products

Proper lighting maximizes remaining vision

To take a picture, a camera must have an adequate light source. Likewise, the eyes must be able to process light in order to see. When the visual process is interrupted due to aging and/or eye disease, the result is decreased visual acuity, color intensity and contrast sensitivity. As contrast sensitivity decreases, more light becomes necessary in order to see. Decreased contrast sensitivity is a normal symptom of aging but is typically intensified in the presence of other eye conditions such as macular degeneration.

The most important aspect of lighting for low vision

Low vision lights, such as low vision reading lamps or low vision floor lamps, must have thoughtfully designed controls. Those with visual impairment should exert maximum control over their lighting environment to enhance functional vision and overall quality of life

The best bulbs for low vision

LED lamps for low vision

LEDs are easily adjustable, remain cool to the touch, and are environmentally friendly and more economical than traditional lightbulbs. When integrated with a flexible lamp that is designed to diffuse light evenly, LEDs are the best lighting solution for low vision.

More on LEDs

Our range of top-of-the-line low vision lighting products feature tri-spectrum technology, flexible/adjustable necks, bright LEDs, and tactile controls.  You will find here a variety of models, including floor lamps, table lamps, task and reading lamps, with attractive finishes such as brushed chrome.  These energy efficient lighting products are also environmentally friendly, with few or no bulb replacements necessary.  See product page descriptions for more details, or feel free to contact us with questions.