A Message From Our Founder, Stuart Flom

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Stu Flom Lighting for Low Vision Lecture
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My desire to offer answers to the growing number of people with low vision was the inspiration for launching my company, AdaptiVision, in 1994.  My background in teaching, combined with experience in the vision lighting technology industry, are the building blocks of AdaptiVision.  I enjoy helping people with low vision become more independent through AdaptiVision’s reading, writing and daily living aids.  Our primary goal is to provide the best low vision technology and lighting solutions specific to the individual’s needs.


Stuart Flom, AdaptiVision Founder & President

Stuart Flom

Founder & President

A lighting industry specialist, Stu Flom worked at Dolan-Jenner, a leader in fiberoptic lighting, for 15 years before launching his own company in 1994.  As product manager, Stu helped find lighting solutions for clients in such diverse areas as photography, microscopy, robotics and automotive manufacturing.  He was also involved in supplying the fiberoptics illuminating the Hope Diamond exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.  A member of the International Society for Optics & Photonics (SPIE), Stu was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and is the author of several publications, including Integrating Optical Fibers in Machine Vision (Proceedings), Designing Fiber Optic Lighting for Machine Vision (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), and Light Up with Fiber Optics (Vision).

Prior to his work in lighting, Stu was a special education teacher.  Stu’s expertise in lighting and background in education form the backbone of his company.  As AdaptiVision’s founder and president, Stu is dedicated to applying advanced lighting technology to assist people struggling with low vision, teaching them how to use technology to achieve greater independence.

Learn more about Stu’s experience, including his take on  trends in assistive technology, the high cost of high tech, and the most important factors to consider when choosing a device.

Stu Flom at Carroll Center for the Blind Tech Fair
Stu Flom at Carroll Center Tech Fair