Lighting in the Classroom

Only 12.5% of overhead lighting reaches a student’s desk.  That is why light control is essential — including uniformity of illumination, angle of light, and control of intensity & color spectrum.  The Stella GO wireless LED task lamp gives you ultimate control over classroom lighting.  Learn more on our Stella GO product page.

Assistive technology for educational use

Below you will find an outline representing a continuum of assistive technology for educational use in several major curricular areas.  Depending on the task, students will likely use a variety of technological tools.  In general, the outline is organized from low to high assistive technology; students may require tools across the continuum to complete different types of tasks.  Proper implementation of assistive technology is key to student success.

  • Computer Access
    • Color Scheme
    • Large operating system features
    • Built-in magnification
    • Fully featured magnification
    • Magnification with screen reader
    • Screen reader
    • Screen reader with Braille device
  • Technology for Academic Areas
    • Reading
    • Writing
      • High contrast pen
      • Portable word processing device
      • Typing with audio support
      • Braillewriter
      • Typing with Braille support
      • Electronic Braille notetaker
      • Voice recognition
    • Math
      • Large print measuring tools (rulers, protractors)
      • Large key calculator
      • Tactile measuring devices
      • Abacus
      • Talking calculator
      • Models or 2D & 3D geometric shapes
      • Tiger embossed, PIAF Tactile representation
  • Expanded Core Curriculum
    • Pictorial Information
      • Enlarged format
      • CCTV
      • Models or objects
      • Tactile graphics
      • Tactile-audio graphics
    • Note-Taking
      • Slate and stylus
      • Tape or digital recording device
      • Computer-based recording software
      • Electronic Braille notetaker
    • Mobility
      • Cane
      • Monocular
      • Braille/talking compass
      • Electronic Travel Device
      • GPS Device

Excerpted and adapted from the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative’s “Assessing Students’ Needs for Assistive Technology” online publication.