Optical Magnifiers

Optical magnifiers are reading aids for individuals with a visual impairment, helping you read text and view photos with magnification.  Our selection of Optelec handheld optical magnifiers offer a wide range of magnification to make life easier at home, in the office and on the go.  Simply grab the handle and move it over the text or object to view it in magnification, and use the integrated lighting feature for high contrast and high brightness in every environment.  Our most popular magnifiers are the PowerMags, featuring superior German optics by Schweizer.  They are high-quality and scratch-resistant, yet small and light enough to be carried around and to be used both indoors and outside the home.  Please click the product image for more details and magnification options.  Note that your desired level of magnification depends on the text size and/or the object you want to view, and your remaining vision.  To receive a personal recommendation, simply contact us today.

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