LED Task Lamp Like No Other

The real question is, what’s NOT to love?  The Stella LED task lamp is a fantastic option for low vision task lighting.  Here’s a quick list of what makes the Stella TWO lamp unique.

    • No bulb replacements, ever (!)
    • State-of-the-art LED bulbs for better visibility and durability, and less waste
    • Low energy consumption
    • Virtually no heat output and no UV rays
    • Greater overall light output than typical task lamps
    • Maximum control over light intensity
    • Raised, tactile touch pad
    • Flex arm that can point light in virtually any direction
    • 10 brightness settings
    • 3 color settings: warm white, pure white, and cool light

The best LED task light for low vision

We believe proper task lighting is crucial to maximizing your remaining vision.  This belief stems from our experience with lighting technology used in automotive engineering.  If you’re curious to learn more, check out 6 things you should know about lighting and LED lamps if you have low vision.

Benefits of LEDs Infographic

Don’t take our word for it…

Many other bloggers and reviewers are spreading the word about Stella and what’s to love about their LED task light.  Here are a few examples:

The lights are high performance LED bulbs with a 50,000+ hour life. They don’t give off heat – or if they do, it’s minimal. I can’t feel it. Even after hours of use, the light is cool to the touch. For those of us who live in a warm climate, this is a nice feature. My studio lights heat up, and they can be uncomfortable to stitch under on hot days. I like the fact that this lamp is cool, light and portable…

In a nutshell, overall:

I love it! It’s definitely the nonpareil of sleek, slender, portable LED task lighting.

Or, quite simply, it’s tops!

Mary Corbet, Needle ‘n Thread

Good lighting is so important for making sewing and crafting projects enjoyable, and the Stella TWO LED Task Lamp is the perfect addition to your crafting space! It puts focused light where you need it most – on the project at hand.

The Jolly Jabber

Spoiled for choice, Stella becomes the leader for meeting the most needs in one unit.

Generation Q Magazine

LED Task Lamp Wrap-Up

So there you have it, folks.  All the reasons to love the LED task lamp by Stella (also known as the Stella TWO).  Are there other reasons you love your Stella lamp?  Drop us a comment to join the conversation!

And if we’ve convinced you of Stella’s merits, head on over to our Stella TWO LED Task Light product page to learn more.   Spoiler alert: you’ll also find sale pricing, AND free shipping!  Even more things to love 🙂