Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass


The Luna 6 digital magnifying glass offers much more than a traditional optical magnifier. Now easier to use than ever with wireless charging.


New & Improved Digital Magnifying Glass — Luna 6

A digital magnifying glass, or portable video magnifier, can do so much more than a traditional optical magnifying glass. Digital magnifiers are also very simple to operate, even if you are new to the technology.

Here are some key differences between the two types of magnifiers.


Magnifying Glass

Luna 6 Digital Magnifier




Integrated lighting



Built-in handle






Adjustable magnification



High contrast



High-definition images



Reading stand



Adjustable reading line



Rechargeable battery



Distance viewing



Photo storage



  Connect with computer/TV



Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass

It’s all in the details

Check out our video demo to learn more about the Luna 6 and its features, including wireless charging.

Digital magnifying glass with wireless charging option

A traditional charging port can be frustrating for people with low vision.  Charging ports are small and hard to see.  It can be nearly impossible to tell which way the wire is facing.  Luna 6 solves this problem with a wireless charger.   Instead of fiddling with wires, you can quickly and easily place the magnifier in the wireless charging dock.  It’s the simplest, most convenient way to charge your device and eliminates the hassle of plugging the wire into the charging port.

Luna 6 Digital Magnifier with Wireless Charging Dock

You can also charge the device using tradition wired charging, if preferred.

Sturdy, built-in reading handle

Those who are accustomed to using an optical magnifier will find it easy to transition to the Luna 6, thanks to an ergonomic, built-in reading handle.  The handle firmly stays in any position, even with shaky hands.  As you get comfortable with the device, you can switch it in a cinch just by popping open the reading stand.

Luna 6 weighs less than half a pound, making it very easy for people of all ages to hold and operate.

Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass with Reading Handle

Built-in reading handle

Luna 6 by Zoomax reading stand

Built-in reading stand

Completely portable

Carrying around the Luna 6 is as easy as carrying a cell phone in your pocket.  It is compact and lightweight — 1/2 inch slim and weighs under 1/2 lb, with a 6-inch screen.  Luna 6 also comes with a convenient, stylish carrying case.

With a battery life of up to 5 hours, you can use your Luna 6 digital magnifying glass to fill out forms, read letters, and look at photographs without worrying about losing a charge.  A 13-megapixel camera produces excellent image quality, whether you are reading a recipe or looking at photographs in your cookbook.  Text will remain crisp and clear, even at high magnification levels and with natural movement across the page as you read.

Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass Image Quality

Other Digital Magnifying Glass Options in the Luna Line

Luna S

$385 $366 (On sale!)

At only $359, the all new Luna S by Zoomax is a great entry-level portable magnifier with excellent image quality and bonus features, like voice activation. The Luna S has a 4.3″ display and is very easy to carry around. You can change the magnification and background by speaking to it.

Luna 8

$895 $851 (On sale!)

The Luna 8 portable video magnifier lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge, and has an ultra lightweight, stylish design perfect for use at home or on the go.

Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass Features

  • Wireless & wired charging
  • HD image
  • Flexible and comfortable built-in handle
  • Tactile buttons
  • Image freeze feature
  • Storage for up to 400 images
  • Adjustable reading line and masks (4 types in total)
  • Distance view feature
  • Connect with computer/TV/monitor

Luna 6 Digital Magnifying Glass Specifications

Magnification 2.5X – 19X
Display Modes Full color and 10 high contrast color modes
Screen Resolution 1280 x 720p
Camera 13 mega pixels
Focus Auto focus & manual refocus
Image Storage Up to 400 images
Reading Line and Masks Adjustable horizontal/vertical reading line and masks
Connect to TV/monitor Through HDMI cable
Connect to PC Through USB cable
Wired Charging Time Less than 3 hours
Wireless Charging Time About 4 hours
Battery Life 4+ hours continuous use
Video Magnifier Weight 210g/0.46lbs
Wireless Charger Weight 92g/0.21lbs

Power Adapter

Input 100 – 240V
Output 5V/2.5A

Digital Magnifying Glass Operation & Storage Condition

Humidity < 70%
Temperature  50 – 104 °F

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