Optelec Compact 8 Portable Video Magnifier


The all-new Compact 8 by Optelec features innovative contrast enhancements for vibrant images and clearer, sharper text.

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NEW! Optelec Compact 8 Portable Video Magnifier

The Compact 8 is the newest portable video magnifier from Optelec.  Designed for comfort, simplicity and versatility, the Compact 8 incorporates a large, 8-inch touchscreen and two high-definition cameras for magnifying up close and at a short distance.

Optelec Compact 8 Key Features

Patented Dynamic Contrast

The Compact 8 features brand new, proprietary technology that enhances the contrast of similar colors and provides a sharp, more defined image.  This feature not only produces vivid images but also helps make undetectable text visible again.

Optelec Compact 8 magnifying a vivid, colorful image

Live Panning

With the Compact 8, you can easily zoom in and out and swipe to pan in all directions without needing to move the device.  The live panning feature expands your field of view for a more comfortable, simplified reading experience.

Built-in Reading Stand

The ergonomically-designed built-in reading stand is ideally positioned at a comfortable reading and viewing angle to promote healthy posture.  Simply fold out the stand and begin reading.

Distance Viewing

The Optelec Compact 8 can be used for up-close reading as well as viewing objects and text at a short distance.  For example, you can use the device to check a bus schedule or see the posted menu at your favorite café.  Read distant text in live-view, or snap a photo with the device to magnify and pan your captured image.

Optelec Compact 8 Device Specifications

  • Magnification up to 30x
  • 8-inch touchscreen—large field of view
  • Two HD cameras for document and short distance viewing
  • Vibrant, high-definition image quality with patented dynamic contrast
  • Portable, low-profile design
  • Live image panning—zoom in and out and swipe in all directions
  • Line markers and masking features for focused reading
  • Advanced features for color blindness

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