Luna S Electronic Magnifier


Luna S is easy to use and carry around with you for all your magnification needs.  Enjoy the highest image quality plus exciting bonus features — like voice activation — all at a reasonable cost.


The Luna S electronic magnifier is the new and enhanced version of the Snow magnifier by Zoomax.  Designed especially for those needing powerful magnification on-the-go, with Luna S, you can read text, write notes, sign documents, and even listen to the radio.  (Not sure whether you are ready to switch from a handheld magnifier to an electronic magnifier? Jump to our comparison chart below.)

Luna is distinct from other handheld electronic magnifiers because it is voice activated, making it even easier to use.  Check it out and you’ll see why the “S” in “Luna S” stands for simple.

Luna S Electronic Magnifier Key Features

The pocket-sized Luna has all the features you would expect in a portable video magnifier, plus more.

  • Advanced image processor and auto-focus camera
  • Big, easy-to-use buttons
  • High contrast color modes
  • Writing stand
  • FM radio
  • Voice-activated controls

High-quality image

Luna S reading small print

With its advanced image processor and auto-focus camera, Luna delivers the highest quality image.  Take advantage of the device’s powerful magnification and high-contrast color modes.  Just grab the device from your pocket to check your receipt, menu or price tag.  Luna was designed to perform on-the-go, with no glare, distortion, or blur.

Luna S Electronic Magnifier: Portable magnification with voice activation

Unlike other portable video magnifiers, Luna responds to your voice.  Using simple voice commands, you can zoom in, change color modes, switch on the radio, and more.  By responding to your voice commands, the Luna S electronic magnifier helps you complete tasks with speed, ease and efficiency.

Writing stand

Zoomax Luna S portable video magnifier writing stand

Need to jot down a note or sign a document?  Flip open the integrated writing stand to magnify as you write.

Bonus radio feature

People with low vision who are no longer able to drive may miss listening to the radio in the car.  Luna fills the gap with its FM radio feature.  Just plug in a set of earbuds and enjoy listening to local news or your other favorite radio stations with clear, static-free audio. Luna S portable video magnifier FM radio feature

Luna S Electronic Magnifier Price

On sale from AdaptiVision for only $366, Luna S is an affordable choice for powerful portable magnification.

Electronic magnifier vs. handheld magnifier comparison chart

For many people, as vision loss progresses, so does the need for higher magnification.  Electronic magnifiers can meet this need and provide other more powerful features to help users maintain their independence.  Here is an overview of the key differences between the two technologies.

Electronic magnifier vs. handheld magnifier comparison chart

Traditional Magnifiers

  • Portable
  • Integrated lighting

Electronic Magnifiers

In additional to portability and built-in lighting, electronic magnifiers also offer:

  • Adjustable magnification
  • High contrast
  • Advanced image processing
  • Extra features such as voice activation

When you find that you are straining to see printed text or images, it is time to make the switch,

Luna S Electronic Magnifier Specifications


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Pocket-size
  • Carrying case and wrist grip
  • Smooth magnification adjustment
  • FM radio
  • Freeze image
  • Power saving


Magnification 2x to 19x
Display modes True color, grayscale, and 10 high contrast color modes
Screen 4.3 inch widescreen TFT
Focus Auto focus
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery life 3 hours continuous use
Charging time 4 hours
Power saving Unit will turn off automatically after no activity for 3 minutes
Special functions Flashlight mode, FM radio, voice control*

Weight & Dimensions

Weight with battery 7 oz/200g
Weight without battery 5.9 oz/167g
Dimensions 160mm x 80mm x 24mm /6.3″ x 3.15″ x 0.94″

Power Adapter

Input 100 – 240V
Output 5V/1A

Operation and Storage Condition

Humidity < 70%
Temperature 10 – 40 °C

*Available in English language only.

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