There is no substitute for a quality in-home product demo.  At AdaptiVision, we believe in the importance of demonstrating our products for our customers in their home (or office) environment.  That’s why we’ve made it our mission to come to you — so you can see the difference our products make in your daily life.  By trying out our devices at home, you can take full advantage of all of the benefits our technology offers.

Take our desktop video magnifiers, for example.  In the comfort of your own home, you can not only learn how to operate the device — you can also take into consideration important ergonomic factors.  What table and chair will you use?  Is there adequate lighting in the room?  Does the light produce glare, and if so, how can we minimize it?  We will look at the options and help you choose the right location for the device in your home.

Training and more

At your product demo, we’ll take our time to make sure you receive proper training on your device and have the opportunity to experiment with your preferred reading and writing materials.  Our customers, such as the one featured in the video above, are amazed by how much they use their magnifiers, for everything from signing checks to manicures!

And, don’t worry if you’re not sure which of our devices is the right choice, or even if any of them will be the right fit for you.  We will provide you with a customized solution that is unique to your needs and budget.

Let’s talk!

To help us get started, we invite you to fill out our brief low vision questionnaire.  Your answers will help us understand your vision needs and will, of course, be kept confidential.  Or, if you prefer, just give us a call at (800) 407-6486 to request a demo.  We look forward to being in touch.