OrCam was founded in 2010 with a mission to harness the power of artificial vision by incorporating pioneering technology into a wearable platform, improving the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and who have reading difficulties.

What is an OrCam?

Product Overview

OrCam MyEye 2.0 PRO

OrCam comes in two models, the MyEye and the OrCam Read.  Both use advanced Artificial Intelligence to translate visual information into audio format.  Both models are also lightweight, discreet, and simple to operate.

OrCam Read Handheld Reading Pen

As the name suggests, OrCam Read is intended specifically for reading, while MyEye can assist with reading as well as a variety of other daily living tasks.

OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye

Unlike other wearable devices, OrCam MyEye does not enhance your vision.  Instead, it conveys information audibly and in real-time.  It’s also voice-activated, so you can say things like “Read the headlines” to navigate your favorite newspaper with ease.  It is suitable for any eye condition or any level of vision loss.

The tiny, lightweight device attaches to virtually any pair of eyeglasses.  It can assist with a variety of daily tasks, such as:

  • Reading (including printed and digital text, such as text on a smartphone screen)
  • Recognizing faces
  • Shopping (including product, barcode, and currency recognition)
  • Identifying colors
  • Telling time

MyEye is available in three versions, the MyEye 3 Pro, MyEye 2 Pro and the MyEye Smart.  Please see our product pages for more information.

OrCam Read

OrCam Read

A pen-sized handheld reader that instantly reads aloud any printed or digital text.

If you like using text-to-speech, you’ll love OrCam Read, a small handheld device that instantly reads aloud any printed or digital text.  It uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to assist people with low vision or other reading difficulties.  The Read is also intended for anyone who reads large amounts of text, whether in the office, classroom, or at home.  It does not require an internet connection, so any data privacy concerns are eliminated, and is very simple to use with point-and-click operation.

OrCam’s handheld reading device captures full pages of text and responds to voice commands through its new interactive Smart Reading feature.

OrCam Read is available in two versions, the Read Smart and Read 3, which expands the capabilities of OrCam Read with magnification and a reading stand.  Please see product pages for more details.

Choose OrCam Read to enjoy an independent reading experience without limitations.

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