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OrCam Read Smart is a highly sophisticated AI-driven smart camera that instantly reads any printed or digital text from books, newspapers, smartphone screens, computers, and more.  The lightweight device is intuitively operated, with just the press of a button.


OrCam Read – Transform the Way You Read

OrCam Read is a revolutionary, first-of its kind AI assistive reading device with a smart camera that reads from any printed or digital surface.  It is a handheld reader for people who have reading difficulties such as mild low vision, dyslexia, reading fatigue, or those who read large amounts of text.

Using sophisticated AI technology, OrCam Read seamlessly, instantly, and accurately reads text aloud from any printed surface or screen.  It is the only personal AI reader that captures full pages or screens of text, whether you are reading a book or looking at a smartphone.

Intuitive, Secure Operation

Start reading right away using the intuitive point-and-click operation. Simply press a button to activate a laser and indicate where to start reading, or use two precision lasers to highlight and read a specific block of text.  Audio is transmitted through the device’s speaker or through any connected bluetooth device, such as earbuds or a bluetooth speaker.

Wireless, lightweight, and the size of pen, OrCam Read is the perfect companion for almost any reading environment.  A high-intensity LED light automatically illuminates reading in dim lighting.  Plus, OrCam Read operates completely offline and does not rely on any other platform, ensuring data privacy.

What sets it apart?

“Having trialed and texted many devices and apps with text to speech capabilities to support client needs, the OrCam Read device using standard typed text is the best I have experienced.  Its speed of processing was fast, accurate with a point and shoot type of control.” — Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, AdEd, OTR/L, ATP, OT’s with Apps and Technology

orcamread OrCam Read

Other handheld reading devices read text line-by-line.  As the reader holds and moves the device manually over the text, scanning each word, he or she can quickly lose context, as words and sentences become fragmented.  By contrast, OrCam Read’s laser beam scans an entire page of text with the click of a button, instantly reading text aloud to the user.  Reading comprehension is gained, rather than lost.

Sam Seavey (The Blind Life) says it’s just the right complement to magnification, and comes the closest to perfection of all the many optical character recognition (OCR) devices he has tested.

“Best OCR in the game right now.” — Sam Seavey, The Blind Life, on the OrCam Read

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Reading During COVID-19

Embracing new technology is part of adapting to the “new normal” and avoiding social isolation during the current global health crisis.  Here are two ways you can use OrCam Read to stay active and stay safe:

  1. Eliminate reading fatigue.  While coping with stay-at-home restrictions, catch up on your reading list, participate in online book clubs, and stay informed on current events.  Use your OrCam Read to keep reading, without fatiguing your eyes.
  2. Adhere to social distancing guidelines.  When venturing outside, use OrCam Read to help you read and follow new social distancing signage at your local grocery store, pharmacy, or clothing boutique.  Read product labels on the shelf before you handle them, and check prices with ease.

Smart Reading

OrCam Read Smart includes the brand new, interactive Smart Reading feature.

With this groundbreaking feature, simply ask for the headline that interests you. The device uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help you find specific information in any document with speed and efficiency. Use simple voice commands to locate a word, headlines, amounts, dates, and more on any reading materials such as books, bills, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, catalogues and menus.


OrCam Read Product Highlights

  • Read instantly, at home or on-the-go
  • Works everywhere — while shopping, at a restaurant, or wherever the day takes you
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click operation
  • Bluetooth enabled for headphone or speaker use
  • Adjustable reading paces, including up to 300 words per minute for speed-reading
  • Laser guidance for capturing a text block or reading all text from a specific point on the page
  • Full page / Full screen capture
  • Fully portable
  • Smart Reading

OrCam Read Product Information

Dimensions: 122 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm / 4.80 in x 0.98 in x 0.51 in

Weight of Device: 44.5 gr/1.57 oz; Device+Box: 326.5 gr/11.52 oz

Battery: 3.8VDC nominal 700 mAh [4 hours of continuous use]

Camera: 13 megapixels

Connectivity: BLE BT and Wi-Fi


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