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OrCam Read Smart is a highly sophisticated AI-driven smart camera that instantly reads any printed or digital text from books, newspapers, smartphone screens, computers, and more.  The lightweight device is intuitively operated, with just the press of a button.

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Earl K.
I recommend this product

Review of my IrCam oroduct

Easy to use, still looking forward to fine-tuning. The voice will take getting-used-to. Uninflected, etc.


Low Vision Source

Hi Earl, thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback. Have you tried changing the voice on the device? Here is a link with instructions: https://knowledgebase.orcam.com/knowledge/how-to-change-the-voice-on-the-orcam-read. Please let us know if we can provide any further guidance going forward.

Javada S.
I recommend this product

I am a little disappointed so far, but realize may not be doing it right. I plan to call for assistance soon. It does great on pages of printm but aany thing in columns, such as baaank statemments, it readss by column.I will call to see if I am using it correctly.


Low Vision Source

Thank you so much for your feedback, Javada. We'll be in touch to provide support.

Amanda A.
I recommend this product

About orcam read

I would like to get one


Low Vision Source

Hi Amanda, thanks for getting in touch! Please feel free to place an order on our secure site, or call (800) 407-6486 for assistance.


OrCam Read – Transform the Way You Read

OrCam Read is a revolutionary, first-of its kind AI assistive reading device with a smart camera that reads from any printed or digital surface.  It is a handheld reader for people who have reading difficulties such as mild low vision, dyslexia, reading fatigue, or those who read large amounts of text.

Transcript: OrCam Read – Extraordinary Reading Power

Using sophisticated AI technology, OrCam Read seamlessly, instantly, and accurately reads text aloud from any printed surface or screen.  It is the only personal AI reader that captures full pages or screens of text, whether you are reading a book or looking at a smartphone.


  1. How OrCam Read Smart works
  2. What sets it apart
  3. Use cases
  4. Ways to optimize OrCam Read
  5. Awards
  6. Summary of product highlights & specifications

Intuitive, Secure Operation

Start reading right away using the intuitive point-and-click operation. Simply press a button to activate a laser and indicate where to start reading, or use two precision lasers to highlight and read a specific block of text.  Audio is transmitted through the device’s speaker or through any connected Bluetooth device, such as earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker.

OrCam Read Diagram

Wireless, lightweight, and the size of pen, OrCam Read is the perfect companion for almost any reading environment.  A high-intensity LED light automatically illuminates reading in dim lighting.  Plus, OrCam Read operates completely offline and does not rely on any other platform, ensuring data privacy.

What sets it apart?

“Having trialed and texted many devices and apps with text to speech capabilities to support client needs, the OrCam Read device using standard typed text is the best I have experienced.  Its speed of processing was fast, accurate with a point and shoot type of control.” — Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, AdEd, OTR/L, ATP, OT’s with Apps and Technology

Woman scanning full page of text with OrCam Read. Thought bubble: "Wow - this device reads the full page out loud!"

Other handheld reading devices read text line-by-line.  As the reader holds and moves the device manually over the text, scanning each word, he or she can quickly lose context, as words and sentences become fragmented.  By contrast, OrCam Read’s laser beam scans an entire page of text with the click of a button, instantly reading text aloud to the user.  Reading comprehension is gained, rather than lost.

OrCam Read’s laser rectangle function also allows the user to select a specific block of text for the device to read.  OrCam’s recent software update (version 9.15) includes a significant improvement in the accuracy of the rectangle function, ensuring the device only captures the text that is directly within the rectangle borders.  The rectangle function is also now even easier to use, as the device will recognize both portrait and landscape orientations.  OrCam Read will read any text within the rectangle regardless of how it is held.

Sam Seavey (The Blind Life) says that OrCam Read is just the right complement to magnification, and comes the closest to perfection of all the many optical character recognition (OCR) devices he has tested.

“Best OCR in the game right now.” — Sam Seavey, The Blind Life, on the OrCam Read

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Gadget Speak Logo

In an independent review, Gadget Speak notes that OrCam Read offers far more functionality than a typical text-to-speech mobile app.  In comparing the cost of OrCam Read vs. a free mobile application, the author notes,

“You need to consider the internal technology it delivers to the user especially those with impaired vision. It may be possible to download a Read Text app from the Play Store that can capture and read back the text content, OrCam Read can do far more for those who could benefit from its functionality.” — Gadget Speak, Reading Assistance: Sometimes your eyes may not be up to the task of reading text. This next product could help.

For more on what differentiates OrCam Read from the competition, including additional reviews, check out 5 things to consider before buying the OrCam Read reading pen.

Smart Reading

OrCam Read Smart includes the brand new, interactive Smart Reading feature.

With this groundbreaking feature, simply ask for the headline that interests you.  The device uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help you find specific information in any document with speed and efficiency.  Use simple voice commands to locate a word, headlines, amounts, dates, and more on any reading materials such as books, bills, correspondence, newspapers, magazines, catalogues and menus.

Here is a short video demo of the OrCam Read Smart’s “Hey OrCam” voice activation feature.  Note that the latest software update (version 9.21) includes a range of new voices.  It also adds two new vocal commands, “Read everything” (which extracts all visible text and reads it aloud) and “Go to sleep” (which puts the device in suspend mode).

Now Even More Features

As of July 2023, all OrCam Read devices are equipped with a barcode reader and money note identification.  Use OrCam Read to scan barcodes at home or at the grocery store for quick product identification.  When it’s time to pay, OrCam Read can identify currency making checkout a breeze.

Use Cases

For Students

Students and educators love OrCam Read for use in the classroom or at home.  It allows students to keep the pace of learning across all subjects and all types of materials (digital, print, laminated, etc.).  Unlike other tools, it can scan a full page, and does not require internet access, so it can be used virtually anywhere.

OrCam Read is an excellent tool for students with mild low vision, dyslexia, or other reading challenges.  Check out this video to hear how students use OrCam Read at Moon Hall School, a specialist dyslexic school for children aged 7-16 in the UK.

For Professionals

Take advantage of OrCam Read on the job, especially if you handle large amounts of reading.  It can help you work more efficiently by eliminating eye fatigue, whether your reading is done on screen or on paper.

While at home

OrCam Read can help at home while you are leisure reading, studying, working, or simply completing daily tasks.

Jared Blank using OrCam Read in the kitchen

Jared Blank, marathon runner, published author, and VP of the Oregon Chapter of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), using OrCam Read in the kitchen.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most all of us have learned to embrace new technology as part of our “new normal.”  Technology has enabled many people to keep working, learning, and connecting with others from a safe distance.  Many people have also found themselves spending more time at home than ever before.

While at home, you can use OrCam Read to study, work, catch up on the daily news, or cross books off your reading list.  You can also use it for daily tasks such as checking food labels while cooking.

Optimizing Your OrCam Read

There are three main ways you can optimize OrCam Read to suit your needs and enhance your reading environment.

  1. Lighting. We firmly believe that with any assistive technology, high-quality lighting is critical.  OrCam Read is no exception.  We love the OrCam Read’s integrated high-intensity LED light.  For periods of extended reading or studying, we always suggest using a task light.  For this purpose, we highly recommend using OrCam Read with a Stella LED task light, either the Stella TWO or the portable, rechargeable Stella GO.
  2. Volume. OrCam Read’s audio can be heard through its built-in speaker or through a connected Bluetooth device.  Bluetooth earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker are popular and inexpensive choices that give the user optimum volume control.
  3. Language and reading speed. Currently, OrCam Read is available in English, Spanish, French, and German.  Support for additional languages will be released in the future.  Additionally, you can customize the device’s reading speed according to your preference.  Simply use the voice command, “Hey OrCam, read faster” or “Hey OrCam, read slower” and the device will adjust automatically.

For our low vision clients, we take an extra optimization step by adding a high-contrast, tactile trigger button on the device, as pictured here.

OrCam Read with high-contrast trigger button

Free Personalized Training

When you purchase OrCam Read from AdaptiVision, you are eligible to receive free training and tech support to help you make the most out of your investment.  Depending on your needs, we can help you adjust the settings (including language and reading speed), help you connect with your Bluetooth earbuds or speaker, guide you through the tutorials, and help you build your skills and level of confidence using the device.  We will also of course answer any questions that you may have about the device, and if you run into any technical issues, you can contact us for fast & free tech support.  Training can be done over the phone, via video conference, or in-person (New England area only).

Additionally, OrCam Read is backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty.

OrCam Read Awards

Orcam Read Smart Award Logos

OrCam Read has received numerous awards from around the globe.  Here are a few of the most recent.

OrCam Read Product Highlights

  • Read instantly, at home or on-the-go
  • Works everywhere — while shopping, at a restaurant, or wherever the day takes you
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click operation
  • Bluetooth enabled for headphone or speaker use
  • Adjustable reading paces, including up to 300 words per minute for speed-reading
  • Laser guidance for capturing a text block or reading all text from a specific point on the page
  • Full page / Full screen capture
  • Fully portable
  • Smart Reading
  • Barcode and money note recognition
  • Manufacturer’s 1-Year Limited Warranty

Wondering if OrCam Read Smart is right for you or your loved one?  Schedule a free consultation today.

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OrCam Read Product Information

Dimensions: 122 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm / 4.80 in x 0.98 in x 0.51 in

Weight of Device: 44.5 gr/1.57 oz; Device+Box: 326.5 gr/11.52 oz

Battery: 3.8VDC nominal 700 mAh [4 hours of continuous use]

Camera: 13 megapixels

Connectivity: BLE BT and Wi-Fi


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