OrCam MyReader



The breakthrough OrCam assistive technology device is a small, light and inconspicuous smart camera which is mounted on the frame of the user’s eyeglasses and connected by a thin cable to a base unit about the size of a smartphone. It is pre-installed with the ability to instantly read any printed text – newspapers, books, menus, signs, labels on consumer products and text on a computer screen or smartphone. Proprietary facial recognition and product identification functionality allow for faces and objects and to be added to its library by the user. When the user points a finger at text to read or item that they want to identify, the OrCam device discreetly relays the relevant information to the wearer via a small personal speaker.

Applying the same artificial intelligence technology, a new OrCam product, OrCam MyMe, is a wearable personal assistant device that supports wellness. Unveiled at CES 2016 and currently under development, OrCam MyMe clips onto the user’s shirt and monitors the activities they are engaged in throughout the day, providing valuable information about what they eat, who they meet, the time they spend on different tasks and more. An open software development kit will allow developers to leverage all the capabilities of the device and write their own smartphone apps to maximize its potential.

Who is it for? The revolutionary OrCam devices – OrCam MyEye and OrCam MyReader – are designed for individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have a reading disability, including children, adults and the elderly.


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