Luna HD 24 Pro


An all-in-one 24″ full HD desktop video magnifier with excellent image quality, true color retention and customizable screen adjustment. Simple-to-use with no installation or pre-charging necessary. Just set it up, plug and play!

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Luna HD 24 Pro Desktop Video Magnifier by Zoomax

Luna HD 24 Pro, the newest desktop magnifier from Zoomax, features a large, high-quality, 24-inch full HD display with superior 1920 X 1080 resolution.  With three main buttons and a simple interface, the Luna HD Pro is easy to use straight out of the box.

Luna HD 24 Pro Key Features

Simple, adjustable plug-and-play design

With the Luna HD Pro, you can simply put your materials on the working surface, adjust the settings to your preference, and start reading.

The Luna HD Pro has three main buttons, controlling magnification, contrast, and brightness.  The buttons are tactile and located conveniently just below the video screen.

Basic and advanced modes offer even more customization.

Basic mode:

  • Up to 70x zoom
  • True color and 4 high-contrast color modes
  • Find function to help keep track of reading location
  • Contrast level setting
  • Screen brightness setting

Advanced mode:

  • 20 high-contrast color modes
  • Find function
  • Reading line and reading mask
  • LED light brightness setting
  • Focus lock
  • Frozen image panning
  • Memory setting

Beyond the screen, the monitor height and angle are readily adjustable for ultimate reading comfort.  It’s easy to maintain the proper reading angle and height for your projects.  Simply tilt the monitor forward or backward, rotate it left or right, or move it up and down with ease.  The adjustable, compact design makes Luna HD a versatile solution for reading independently, whether the user is sitting up close, standing, or even reading from a distance across the room.

Luna HD 24 Pro diagram showing the range of monitor and display adjustments

As shown in the above diagram, the monitor can be adjusted up to 45 degrees up, 90 degrees down, and 90 degrees left and right.  Additionally, the display can be tilted up to 45 degrees up, 90 degrees down, and 90 degrees left and right.

Excellent image quality with true color retention

The Luna HD 24 Pro has a large 24-inch monitor with 1920 X 1080 resolution, an 18x live optical zoom camera, and zoom magnifications ranging from 2.5x to 70x.  Thanks to the high resolution display, images and text are sharp, crisp, and crystal-clear, even at high magnification.  And, the Luna’s high-definition camera ensures true color retention of the original print material.  It’s a fantastic choice for people with low vision who engage in activities like reading, writing, sketching, viewing photos, handling correspondence, doing crossword puzzles, paying bills, and more.

Smooth movement XY table

The XY table has medium resistance, providing smooth movement in each direction while avoiding a stuck display or delays caused by movement.  Plus, the HD camera applies smooth algorithms to avoid image distortion.  For added stability and working area, the XY table is part of a large base with an extra-large working surface.

Luna HD 24 Pro diagram showing table movement range

This diagram shows the movement range of the XY table, which is approximately 70 cm (27 inches) back and forth and 80 cm (31 inches) left to right.


Luna HD 24 Pro Specifications

Camera High Definition, Auto focus, Resolution ratio 1280 x 720p
Magnification Range 2.5x – 70x
Screen 24-inch monitor with resolution of 1920 X 1080
Color Mode True color + 20 kinds of color mode
Writing Height Approx. 6.9″
Functions Zoom in/out, color mode adjustment, find function, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment
Advanced Function 20+ colors modes adjustment, find feature, reading line and mask (including 1 horizontal line, 2 horizontal lines, 1 vertical line, 2 vertical lines, horizontal mask, and vertical mask), focus lock, freeze frame, memory setting
Total Weight Approximate 33 lbs
Power Adapter Input 100-240V, Output 19V/3A
Certificates FDA, CE marking, FCC, and RoHS Certificate

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