Back in 2008, veteran Steve Baskis was hit by an explosion while driving an armored vehicle in Baghdad.  Shrapnel cut through his optic nerves, blinding him.  Yet, he was undettered.  Since the injury, he has become an outdoor enthusiast, honing his skills at mountain climbing, kayaking, and skydiving.  He even started a nonprofit, Blind Endeavors, to help other injured vets stay physically active.

Veteran Steve Baskis rock climbing

Image by Victor Henderson via Colorado Public Radio News

“I was interested in becoming a special operation soldier. An unconventional soldier,” said Baskis in an interview.  “And I think that’s driven some of the things that I’ve pursued as a blind individual.”

Lifelong pursuits may need to be reimagined, but they are still possible to achieve after vision loss.  Our goal is to help people like Steve adapt to and even overcome certain limitations posed by impaired vision.


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