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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  The best way for us to assess your needs and make a personalized recommendation is through a low vision consultation.  Learn more here.

If you reside in New England and would like to request a product demo, please call (800) 407-6486 or email us at  If you’re outside the New England area, we are happy to provide a virtual low vision consultation.  Visit our product demo page for more information.

Yes!  We have a variety of products within each category to suit a range of budgets.  And, we have done a lot of the legwork for you by researching the best, highest-quality, most user-friendly products on the market.  View pricing on individual product pages, or visit our Sale page, where we frequently offer discounts on lamps and other devices.

We’re so glad you asked!  Lighting is one of the most important factors in allowing you to see better while reducing eye strain.  We can assess your lighting environment through a virtual low vision consultation.  Schedule one today.


Ready to take the first step? Request a free, no-obligation low vision consultation today.

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