Wireless Charging Lamp

The all new, portable, battery powered, wireless charging lamp by Stella.

Stella GO wireless charging lamp in living room

Battery powered wireless charging lamp for ultimate convenience

The all new Stella GO is rated to last 11 hours on a single charge.  Its proprietary charging pad utilizes Qi for a safe, reliable charging experience.

The latest in wireless charging and LED lighting technology

Stella GO does double duty as a stylish, functional desk lamp that provides the brightest LED lighting while also charging your phone.

Stella GO wireless charging lamp proprietary charging pad

Charging Pad

Use the wireless charging pad to charge your lamp and compatible cell phone.
Stella GO Qi wireless charging pad with compatible cell phone

Qi Charging

The gold standard in wireless charging, Qi provides a safe, reliable wireless charging experience.
Stella GO 3 Prong Charging Cable

3 Prong Charging Cable

The pad also features a USB charging port with a 3-prong charger included, so you can power up all your devices.

A solution for every task

Use a wireless charging lamp to say goodbye to eye strain and bulb changes. 

Eliminate eye strain

Eliminate unnecessary eye strain and squinting.  Whether you are sending emails from your home office, cooking in the kitchen, or knitting in the living room, simply bring along your Stella GO to illuminate your work area.  The lamp is lightweight and extremely durable.  With no filaments or other fragile parts, LEDs are built to withstand impact and heavy use.

No more annoying bulb changes

What’s more, LEDs outlast other bulb types by thousands of hours.  Traditional bulbs can burn out at any moment, without warning, interrupting your work and causing you to scramble for a new bulb.  But you’ll never have to replace the bulbs in your Stella GO.

Say HELLO to your new charging station!

And with a wireless charging lamp, you’ll not only have high quality lighting, but also a portable charging station wherever you need it.

Stella GO with paint supplies

Wireless Charging Lamp Key Features

As with all other products in the Stella line, the Stella GO wireless charging lamp incorporates tri-spectrum LED technology, multi-level dimming, and a flexible neck for maximum adjustability.

  • Wireless, portable and battery-powered
  • Rated to last 11 hours on a single charge
  • Proprietary charging pad (included) utilizes Qi charging and features a USB charging port
  • Three-prong charger included (USB, USB type C, lightning cable)
  • 10-level dimming
  • High contrast, tactile, backlit controls, excellent for low vision users
  • Flexible, segmented steel neck for positioning light exactly where it is needed
  • 3 light temperatures: warm white (2800K), pure white (4500K), and cool white (5500K)
  • Low wattage consumption
  • Zero bulb replacements

Ready, Set, GO!

Hours of Use

Level Dimming

Light Temperatures

Bulb Replacements

This light is exactly what I needed. It gives me so many options in light tones and brightness. Had we known about this light it would’ve been great for my husband who had sight issues. Was easy to order and shipped quickly.
Diane C.

Verified buyer, Stella TWO LED Task Lamp

Stella GO desk lamp with wireless charger

On Sale Now!

Regularly $349, the Stella GO is on sale now for just $319.