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Find the freedom to navigate your world safely, fluidly, and confidently with Sunu Band.



The Sunu Band is a smartwatch designed to help blind and partially-sighted individuals safely navigate their environment.  Using built-in sensors, the band vibrates to tell you the distance of people and objects in your surroundings, and help guide you around obstacles.

Social distancing made simple with Sunu. Hands free, powered by mobile app, easy to use.

With just 2 side buttons and a sensitive touch pad, learning how to use Sunu Band is easy and fast.  Plus, you can adjust and personalize your settings for indoor or outdoor use, intensity of vibrations, edge detector and more.

Who is Sunu Band for?

The Sunu smartwatch is a wrist watch for visually impaired people.  It’s for people who are blind as a supplement to a cane or guide dog, or for those who have low vision.

Real-Life Examples

In this video, Sam from The Blind Life explains how Sunu Band works — and how it can help reduce accidents by detecting things in your path.  This can be especially useful in unfamiliar public spaces, where you may encounter obstacles such as:

  • Doorways and doors, including glass doors
  • Retractable belt stanchions, which may not be immediately detectable by cane due to the height of the belt
  • Decorative objects, like planters

Sunu Band Reviews

Sunu Video by The Blind Life

Sunu Video by World Services for the Blind

Sunu Band was named one of the top 5 products used by blind and visually impaired staff, including CEO Sharon Giovinazzo and her colleague Everett, at World Services for the Blind.  Here is a video review of Sunu created by Everett, who is an Assistive Technology Instructor at WSB.

Use Sunu for Social Distancing

Sunu keeps you safe in more ways than one.  With Sunu Band, you can customize your social distance alarm using a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android devices).

How does Sunu work?

Sunu Band is sophisticated, yet simple-to-use.  It combines sonar-echolocation technology with haptic vibration feedback.  Similar to how bats navigate their natural habitat, the band emits a high-frequency sound wave that bounces off of objects, resulting in a vibratory pattern that changes depending on how close or far away the object is to the user.  Specifically, as the user moves through a space, vibration pulses on the wrist become more frequent as an object is close or less frequent as the object is farther away.

And yes, it’s really a watch, too!  Sunu can tell you the time discreetly and simply through a series of vibrations.



Sunu is the recipient of multiple awards, including the 2016 Global Elevate Award, the Perkins Assistive Technology Prize and the LATAM Xcala Prize.

Walk confidently and find new personal freedom with Sunu.


-Ultrasonic sensor

-Precision haptic driver

-Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

-Rechargeable battery provides up to three days of average usage, 5-8 hours on constant use, or 7 days on Low Power Mode

-Includes a standard 20mm watch strap and buckle that is adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes

– One (1) year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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