The Zoomax 24″ widescreen desktop video magnifier Aurora HD uses advanced camera technology, reducing eye strain and making reading comfortable again. With the ergonomic, adjustable design, including a foldable, flexible swivel monitor, you can enjoy full page reading and complete other various tasks with ease.



With the best HD camera and advanced auto focus technology, Zoomax Aurora HD provides the sharpest and most comfortable image for visually impaired users.  Even at high magnification levels, characters maintain a sharp edge.

Select your favorite color mode from 17 variations. That means you can read newspaper or bills, or view your favorite collections, jewelry, coins, or stamps, sign documents or even write letters in focus as long as you wish with less eye strain.  Photographs and magazines are shown in vivid color on the screen.

Zoomax Aurora reading a book


Zoomax Aurora adjustable design

Easily movable and foldable screen

Share your reading with your friends or read recipes at different angles.

24” widescreen

See more information at one time or large pictures in detail.

Customize your light level and position

Comfortable reading environment, no glare or shadows.

Plug and play

No complicated installation necessary. Enjoy reading in an instant.

One button lock for XY table

Full page reading magnification.

Large and highly identifiable buttons

Easy to remember and reach.

Simple and sturdy XY table handles

Control your reading material steadily.

Other Features

Slot for pens

Bottle holder

Aurora buttons and features


Aurora HD offers two different operating levels, depending on user preference. Choose between Basic and Advanced mode.

Basic functions: Zoom in/out; 5 default color modes; Brightness adjustment; Find feature.

Advanced functions: Freeze frame; Focus lock; Reading lines and windows; 17 color modes.

Aurora color modes


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Zoomax Aurora HD Specifications

Magnification 2x – 70x
Display Modes Full color and 16 high contrast color modes
Screen 24″ LCD screen
Monitor Height adjustable, Rotative
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080p
Camera 1280 x 720p
Weight 34.8 lbs
Reading Line and Masks Horizontal/vertical, dual horizontal/dual vertical reading line
Camera Height 7″ free working height
Screen Size 24″
Focus Auto focus